ending food deserts one bicycle ride at a time
Rolling Oasis Grocers
ending the Lents Food Desert one bike ride at a time

Rolling Oasis Grocers saves you time and money through a weekly home delivery subscription of organic fruits and vegetables at competitive prices by bicycle in select parts of Portland.


Buying great food should be a joy, not a hassle. Home deliveries helps return that joy by removing another trip to Fred Meyer from your week and lets you spend that time with family.


All the fruit and veggies in every week’s bag is organically grown – no fake fertilizers, no fake pesticides, no fake genes.  Real food that’s really good for the land.


You get what you pay for – there’s no markup for delivery.  You’re getting roughly the same prices you’ll see at Freddy’s.  Often, we significantly undercutting the prices of the big guys.


We are Powered by Vocoform, a cadre of values-based entrepreneurs facilitating vocational formation among at-risk youth.  New routes will be operated by Vocoform interns, eventually providing  the dignity of business ownership to neighbors.


Most of the food is from Cascadia most of the time.  That supports small farms and keeps dollars closer to Lents.  As a bonus, it keeps me in Lents, where I’ve been since 2008.

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Home deliveries every Thursday. $20 for $20 of food. No delivery – just a saved trip to the store!

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What are people saying?

“The price is great, and I love the surprise factor. My kids look forward to the Big Green Bag that magically arrives every Thursday and are excited to try everything that’s delivered.”

Heather, SE 100th

“It brings my children much joy to see Rolling Oasis Grocery arrive at our house by bicycle and they love tearing into the bag to see what surprises await them!”

David, SE 85th

How's it work?

1. Create an Account & Subscribe

Sign up here to create an account (new password will be emailed to you), then sign up for weekly deliveries using Stripe, our crazy-secure payment processing system.

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2. Share your tastes

Tell us which fruits & veggies you love and which you love less. We’ll prepare each week’s deliveries with your desires in our hearts. We’ll even adjust your bag according to what’s growing in your garden.

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3. Get Deliveries

Save time and money every week as weather-resistant bags brimming with organic produce are delivered to your door by bicycle.

4. Exchange bags weekly

Put that fancy bag from last week’s deliveries back on the porch on Thursday morning. When you get home it’ll be replaced with a full one!

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